Reemplazo de la Almohadilla de Terciopelo para Sennheiser HD545, HD565, HD580, HD600, HD650 Auriculares Cojín de Cubierta de Oreja de Reparación de Piezas de Sh#

Etiquetas: airpodspro, auricular onikuma, kotion almohadillas, mi almohadillas de repuesto, cable hd800, sennheiser hd 300, para dell d620, auriculares senheiser piezas de repuesto, sennheiser auriculares por infrarrojos, cable hd650.

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  • Característica 1: color
  • Característica 7: Contenido Del Paquete
  • Paquete: No
  • Número De Modelo: Para Sennheiser HD545 HD565 HD580 HD600 HD650
  • Característica 4: Durable y suave, de Fácil Instalación
  • Característica 8: Para Sennheiser HD545 HD565 HD580 HD600 HD650
  • Cuentan con 2: De Alta Calidad
  • Material: De cuero
  • Característica 5: De calidad superior de cuero de la Memoria, la Esponja de espuma
  • Tamaño: For Sennheiser Hd545 Hd565 Hd580 Hd600 Hd650
  • 6 función de: espuma almohadillas, cojines para auriculares
  • Tipo De Elemento: Almohadillas
  • Característica 3: 100% nuevo y de alta calidad.
  • Nombre De La Marca: ZGPAX

Ventajas del producto:

1.Material de alta calidad, es Durable y flexible 2.las almohadillas tienen una superficie lisa y de tacto cómodo. 3.Hacer de Alta Calidad ultra suave y cómodo de cuero para mayor Comodidad, 4.interior suave relleno de espuma de memoria para el Ruido de Bloqueo de Mejora.,Duradera y flexible 5.Renovar sus auriculares con alta calidad de almohadilla para mayor comodidad y calidad de sonido

El paquete incluye:

1 Par de Almohadillas(NO se INCLUYEN los auriculares)

Mix Mail Ru
I'll tell you right away, there's no memory foam. To replace the original-suitable. But the quality of performance from the original is different.
Very good velvet quality. The plastics on the inside are lower quality than the original, the padding is thicker and the hole for your ears is smaller, and pads sometimes fall out and dont fit fully but are functional and the sound quality is not degraded much comparing to the original. Would buy again, especially for the price.
The ear cushions look like native ones, the quality isn't bad, but, unfortunately, they don't hold in the headphones, they fall out of the cups. You need to figure out how to fix them there
The ear pads are of good quality and fit well with the Senns HD 6XX. In my opinion, the velour of these pads is better than the original ones. The hole is noticeably smaller than the original, and this can be a problem for people with large ears (image #4: original pads at the top, these pads at the bottom). I have doubts about the acoustic properties of foam discs. Of course, the sound has changed compared to the original pads, but it cannot be said that it has become much worse. Great option for the price. Thanks a lot to the seller!
Darkess Lord 12
Were bought to replace the main one. For hd6xx headphones. came well.

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