Súper ligero de fibra de carbono sostenedor de botella de agua por menos de 74mm botella de agua para bicicletas elástica botella jaula alrededor de 9

Etiquetas: 74mm buje delantero, ritchey de carbono ud, la jaula botella de fibra de carbono, de carbono ec90, bicicleta cielo, portabidón de carbono blanco, de fibra de carbono de la etiqueta engomada, botella de agua de jaulas, ec90, titan botella jaula.

$239.38 $257.43
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  • w88723

  • Peso (g): Acerca de 9g
  • Material: de carbono
  • Nombre De La Marca: ec90
  • Número De Modelo: CE 90
  • Diámetro: Acerca de 74mm

S Lim 30
This product is completely useless eg the seller does not want to refund me. He tells me to use cans 74mm in diameter, which I do, but they are not suitable. He doesn't even respond to my messages anymore. It's a shame
Mg Diezma
its like 13g each and its too small for regular bottle you have to have regular bottles and not cycling bottles...
Cars Honda A
very light, sightly heavier than stated but otherwise very happy with the purchase
Demos 1990
The item weighs 3 grams more but I'm still happy with the purchase. Now we'll see how you hold the boat. On the bike the boat comes in very fair I don't know if it will be functional.

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