Sarga de SLR Cósmica de CARRETERA de Carbono Ruedas de 50 mm 23 mm de ancho 700 c de bicicleta de Carretera de Carbono de Rodadura 3k T1000 cósmica SLR

Etiquetas: Juego de ruedas 700c, 349 de rodadura, ruedas de carbono, pista de carbono de la rueda, la rueda cósmica, fxr, super equipo de ruta de ruedas, cósmica v freno, gran tenedor, juego de ruedas de carbono.

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  • w4920

  • Habló Agujero: A partir de las 20H
  • Aplicables De Bicicletas: Las Bicicletas De Carretera
  • Número De Modelo: Cósmica
  • Nombre De La Marca: rujixu
  • Material De La Rueda: de carbono
  • Sistema De Frenado: V Freno
  • Tamaño: 700c
  • Acabado: negro

Tamanho: -700C full 50 mmProfundidade de carbono Rodas Tipo: laminado Estrada bicicleta Material: Carbono Total fiberRIm Tipo: Cubierta Acabamento: 3 K-Matt ou Acabamento Brilhante Cassette cuerpo: S h i mano 9/10/11 speede ou campagnol0 10/11 velocidad de Buraco: 20 h Frontal, 20 h traseWeight: 1800 g / par

Too bad I didn't get the buy and they didn't give me a solution
OK, perfect. Thank you.
It's been over three months and I still don't have my wheels, they are held in customs and with this covid thing it is impossible to contact them, they give you a website so you can do the management, but that page doesn't work, with Which you can't pay the taxes and they'll send them back, with which I have paid for the product and in the end I run out of it, bad seller, it doesn't help anything, and in the end they get the money, a scam in full order.
Vjay Ptl

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