Vintage Marco de Metal Anti Luz Azul de Cristal de Juegos de Ordenador de Gafas Para las Mujeres los Hombres Óptica Espectáculo Lentes Claros Lentes UV400

Etiquetas: gmei óptica de la tienda, vidrio hombres, los hombres óptica, optiacal gafas de marco, tin anteojos recetados, marco de cristal, gran espectáculo marcos de los hombres, gafas ópticas mi, egipto lentes, compacto anti luz azul gafas.

$78.54 $96.98
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  • Doscientos millones cien treinta y siete: 200002197
  • Género: Unisex
  • Tipo De Patrón: Sólido
  • 200000461: 200002143
  • El Material De La Montura: De plástico
  • Número De Modelo: Marco De Metal Gafas De Marco
  • Nombre De La Marca: La Miel Joe

I never received it.
Delivery 2 weeks, packed in air mechek, went whole. Glasses were bought as a frame, I'll put the lenses. By the frame, the frame is all metal, the color is black closer to the matte, on how much quality will show time, but for this price there is nothing to complain about at all! The only negative is the absence of a spring mechanism on the bend of the arms, and it's a pity. In general, they seemed strong.
Artemka Pavlov
Thank you. All is well. Honest and responsible seller. Soon the show more. Well, I'm doing it to my uncle. All good. Chesniy TA відповідальний saleche. Soon I'll be there.

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