4000W de alta potencia en un motor DC controlador de velocidad de motor regulador de velocidad del gobernador el interruptor de alimentación del controlador de la junta de

Etiquetas: Motor de 15 cv, 4000w motor eléctrico, conductor del motor junta de, motor bldc controlador de la junta de, la tarjeta de control de motor sin escobillas, 220v regulador de potencia, gran conductor del motor, háptica conductor del motor, controlador sin escobillas, 4000w motor.

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  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Número De Modelo: 4000w controlador de motor
  • Tipo De Motor: motor dc

conexión de detalle: Parámetros Técnicos Modelo: H5K2-220 rango de voltaje de Entrada: CA 190V ~ 255V voltaje de Salida: DC0 ~ 220V [máximo de la tensión de salida puede ser modificada de acuerdo a la demanda del cliente] voltaje de Excitación: 200VDC Potencia nominal: 3200W rango de Corriente: 15A de corriente continua, de potencia de Pico: 6000W Frecuencia PWM: 18kHZ (ideal PWM modulación de frecuencia) modo de Velocidad: potenciómetro o 0 ~ 5VDC entrada analógica o 0 ~ 10VDC o 4 ~ 20mA entrada de las funciones de Protección: LED de indicación de fallo de la Salida de corto circuito de protección para proteger el motor sobrecorriente de salida protección anti-coaster

Dxefamer 68
I arrive in bueen state. I recommend the product and the vebiter. Although it lacks a more complete operating manual
The board arrived undamaged. Appears that customs opened it. My picture is what arrived, it does not look exactly as the ad shows (if that matters to you!). The "manual" is only in Chinese (use Google translate, or see my version here). * If when you hook things up, nothing happens, you must jumper the "0" to "STA" which is the 'enable' line. I suggest using a relay to enable through software. * If you're using 0-10V for control, hook between "0" and "AVI" terminals. * The LED right beside the terminal strip: Solid on is normal. Error state: 1 blink is {maybe fuse? not sure}, 2 blinks is open output {I had to reduce the "IR" pot setting to eliminate that}, 3 blinks is over current. * A regular PM motor hooks to M+/M-. L+/L- is for a SHUNT MOTOR ONLY! There is 220VDC at all times on these terminals from my testing. I use a PM, so I wont test those further. Fair warned.
The controller will not work without this jumper at the bottom of the circuit between 0 V and STA, beat week by scientific rear method

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